History of Beulah Heights University 1918 – 2010

BHU was founded in 1918, as Beulah Heights Bible Institute, under the leadership of the late Reverend Paul T. Barth and his wife, Dr. Hattie M. Barth. The force behind bringing the school into existence was Mrs. Elizabeth A. Sexton, Mrs. Barth’s mother, known as “Mother Sexton,” who communicated to others her vision of a Pentecostal Bible School in Atlanta, Georgia. The school restricted itself to working with a few local students until 1928. After 1928, the outreach of the school expanded and new buildings were erected. In 1940, Beulah Heights Bible Institute of Atlanta and Southeastern Bible Institute of New Brockton, Alabama, joined efforts to become Beulah Heights-Southeastern Bible Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the partnership ended in 1946 and Southeastern Bible Institute moved to its present location in Lakeland, Florida. In 1962, Beulah Heights College, Seminary and Institute was established as a four-year Bible college with the plan to eventually add a graduate program. In September of 1963, Beulah Heights College, Seminary, and Institute was chartered by the State of Georgia as a degree granting institution. In that same year, recognition was achieved with the Southern Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges. In 1966, the Board of Trustees approved changing the corporate name to Beulah Heights College. The new corporate name did not reflect the name “Bible.” Therefore, the Board of Trustees voted in January of 1972 to amend the corporate name to read “Beulah Heights Bible College.” Since 1972, Beulah Heights Bible College grew exponentially and expanded programs to include majors in Leadership and Administration and Community and International Economic Development.

Beulah Heights University History