English as a Second Language

Master of Business Administration

  • SEVP Certified. Our school is eligible to enroll F1 students in the United States. Students can legally study in the United States by applying to our ESL Program.
  • Affordable. Our affordable tuition allow students to start pursuing their dream of studying English in the United States.
  • Personalized Attention. At BHU ESL, we believe that each student’s culture, experience, family, educational background, and personality are part of their learning process. Our Instructors are trained to create classes that see students as a whole person and not only as learners of the English language.
  • Creative Curriculum. Our curriculum is focused on offering the fundamental tools for students to acquire a language and know how to use it in different contexts.
  • Cultural. We are intentional about cultural diversity and its importance to one’s cultural background, country of origin, and who our students are culturally.